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1 definition by chief cache it

"Wake N' Bake Association" a.k.a. WNBA; an organization consisting of those who love to wake up, get high, and then do whatever it is they would have originally done sober; can be practiced anywhere in the world through an infinite number of methods.

Originated in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Requirements for Initiation: Anyone on Earth who enjoys waking up and getting stoned within that hour is an eligible member.
Alice: Damn dude, why are your eyes so red?
Bali: Oh, I joined the WNBA recently.

That kid that sits across the room from me in AP Psychology was trippin' mad nuts man, he's definitely in the WNBA.

Adell: Hey man I'm just gonna head over to Mickie D's real quick aight?
Chief: It's 8 in the morning...you're blazed every day man; you go to WNBA sessions every day! Well you woke me up, so now I'm feena join you. Get me a Big Mac, I'm gonna need it real soon.
by chief cache it October 17, 2010