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This term refers to the rumbling you get in your belly after eating bad food. If you feel the "thunder down under" you should immediatly find a toilet as it usually results in an involantary explosive release of the bowls.
Oh my god, I ate some bad chinese food and am gettin some thunder down under. I don't trust my farts right now....I need to find a bathroom...FAST!
by cheesypuuf January 29, 2009
This term refers to a McDonald's restaurant which has all black employees. They speak very poor english out of pure ignorance, the females generally have ratty ass tri-colored weaves which you can't help but stare at and elaboratly painted finger nails while the males all have corn rows or braids of some sort. You will find a good example of a "McGhetto" in the B concourse of the Chicago O'hare airport.
How can that girl afford a $100.00 paint job on her nails workin at a McGhetto? Must be sellin crack on the side.
by cheesypuuf January 29, 2009
This is the burning, itching red circle one gets around their turd cutter as a result of eating too much spicey and/or greasy food.
I need some prepareation H. My turd cutter has a flaming hoop a circus clown would be jealous of!
by cheesypuuf January 30, 2009
This word describes the unpleasant bowl movement one has after eating bad food from mcDonald's. It is usually preceeded by anal leakage and results in a loose black poo which hurts to get out.
Sorry about your toilet man, I swung by the McGhetto earlier and got a McChicken sandwhich which turned out to be fricken McRaunchy! It gave me some thunder down under and caused me to McSplatter your toilet. Do you have any Preparation H? I got a flaming hoop now.
by cheesypuuf January 30, 2009
This is how one would describe an ungood sandwhich purchased from a McDonald's restaurant. The meat will be cold but somehow the lettuce and tomato will be warm, and the bun is hard on the bottom from sitting in the warming window too long.
I got a McChicken sandwhich the other day and it was so McRaunchy I couldn't even eat it.
by cheesypuuf January 30, 2009
This term refers to the cock and balls which dangle between a males legs. Although not very common it is possible for a female to have dangly bits. This happens after being violently fucked to many times and parts of the vagina become torn loose and dangle freely between her legs.
I wear tight underwear so my dangly bits don't slap against my legs when I run.
by cheesypuuf January 30, 2009

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