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to murk; a term commonly used by black people and wannabe gangstaz, it means to beat-up/hurt/kill another person.
black guy 1: yo blad, you shoulda peeped it las' nite.

black guy 2: why son? what went down?

black guy 1: well we woz cotchin' down near TJ's when some white foo' went. "wot u boggin' at nigga"

black guy 2: oh no the fuck he di'nt?

black guy 1: nah! blad, dis is da gospel truth!, anyway i rolled on up to dat toy and murked him, innit. left him bleedin there, that toy-ass biatch.

black guy 2: SAFE!
#blad #nigger #toy #innit #biatch
by chav-hater 07 March 21, 2007
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