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Chavs are generally fucked up white wankers from the south of england, usually Bedfordshire who think they are hard and black but they arent. They use such shite language as blud, safe, innit, y'ghet me, fuck, bare, and all love 50 cent, ne-yo, black eyed peas, eminem and other such shite, and not the arctic monkeys, razorlight or the zutons like the rest of us self respecting people do. They should be avoided at all costs and should all DIE!!!
CHAV 1: yo blud
Chav 2: ight mate, safe.
Chav 1: you see 50 cent on kiss the other nite bruf, brrrap!
Chav 2: Yeah man, it was wicked, safe, innit.......until sky cut us off cos me mum couldnt afford 2 pay the bill cos us chavs are sad
by chav haters from the north August 29, 2006
A fucking shite chav term that everyone in the south of england, usually bedford uses which is annoying as fuck and usually induces violence in the average normal white person who doesnt think he is black. The term is usually used by female chavs aged 9-18 and sounds fucking stupid, although it can be used by male chavs aged 15 who think they are hard.
chav 1: dat kid over der is 2 normal 4 us
chav 2: u ghett me
chav 3: we shud go and start beef wid him just cos e can spell "antidisestablishmentarianism" (at this point, chav 3 has to point to the word on a magazine and ask a normal human being 2 tell him what it says).
chav 1 and 2: u ghett me
chav 3 (to normal human being): u ghett me?
normal human being: no, i dont ghett u, i may understand u but i dont even understand u if u talk like that. go and die u fucking retarded cunts, dont even go to school and learn to speak properly as u are wasting taxpayers money. motherfucking well fuck off and diiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee, u scummy chavvy pikey shite.

by chav haters from the north August 30, 2006

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