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4 definitions by charlesld

taking a higher than normal dose of nicotine by putting a small amount of pure nicotine on the tip of a cancer stick. the pure nicotine is normally procured as greenhouse supplies or garden supplies as it is normally used as a pesticide. this is a very stupid thing to do because one can easily overdose.
joe was niccing the other day, but he overdosed because he is a big fat stupid pussy.
by charlesld June 15, 2011
a smoker of tobacco cigarettes, or butts.
don't be a butt-sucker, it's filthy, and not in a good way.
by charlesld December 11, 2008
an extremely monstrous butt hole
kiss my franken hole!
by charlesld August 22, 2010
the female orgasm.
i love the vagi-motor reflex.
by charlesld August 22, 2010