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Abbreviated as SSHS, is a Magnet High School in Simi Valley, California. It is called Santa Su for short. It consists of four academies: School of the Arts, School of Technology, School of Academics, and School of Law.

It consists of a lot of freedom. Many students dress as they please and even come in costumes sometimes.

It is the big nerd school out of all of the schools in it's district.

"Only at Santa Su" is something said on a daily basis.

A lot of the staff don't crack down on things, and many students are really nice. There has never been a fight on campus.

It also has the highest grades in the district.
Jeremy Wish: Santa Susana High School is the best school I have ever been to in my entire life.
Sandy: I completely agree. Are you glad I told you to come to this school?
Jeremy Wish: YES! :D. Oh by the way, The Game. :3
Sandy: UUUGH! >:|
by chaojimbo November 12, 2011
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