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It's a ship/couple name for Mike Chang (played by Harry Shum Jr.) and Tina Cohen Chang (played by Jenna Ushkowitz) from TV show Glee. They also known as Asian Fusion, Mina, McTina Cohen-Chang-Chang, or Chang Squared.

They got together between season 1 and season 2, at an Asian Camp where both of them are camp counselors. This couple is the longest lasting couple in Glee, because they have been dating for the entire two seasons (season 2 and 3), a total of 44 episodes.

They. Are. So. Freaking. Adorable.

Even their portrayers share a same birthdate, at April 28.
A: Tike is so cute on last night's episode!! They are my OTP forever!!
B: I know right!! But sadly they didn't get a lot of screen times...
A: Yeah, Glee is always giving us Finchel over and over again..
by chang squared July 23, 2012

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