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3 definitions by chainsoar

The secret ingredient of a Big Mac.
Wow, you can really taste the jizz!
by chainsoar June 05, 2007
Neither an idiotic 50 Cent clone or a romantic Italian who shows respect to all and cleverly conceals a calculating nature.

In truth, the majority of "gangsters" ie; those involved with gangs and organised crime, are ruthless murderers who kill, steal, extort, and manipulate solely to benefit financially and to increase their power and influence.

While "The Godfather", both Mario Puzo's seminal work and the movie, are great examples of 20th century fiction, they are not to be taken as an instructional manual on the behaviour of criminal gangs.

Similiarly, rap albums, and the behaviour of the artists who make them, along with that of their fans, is not an indication of the behaviour of so-called "gangsters". Rather, it is a sad indication of the decline in socially acceptable behaviour amongst youth, pre-dominantly those of African origin. Many feel that their behaviour is an affront to those who died to give them the civil liberties they squander today.
50 Cent is not a gangster, he is an idiot.

Real gangsters don't act like Vito Corleone.
by chainsoar July 21, 2008
A completely personal choice that has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks. Whether society likes it or not, many people have tattoos and will continue to get them. So guess what? No one gives a damn if you think tattoos are trashy, so shut the hell up about it, you hateful loser.
Tattooed person : "I got a tattoo because I wanted to. I like it."

Idiot who mistakenly thinks its their place to intervene : "OH MY GOD you're going to regret that when you're old"

Tattooed person : "Thanks for your input, however I don't remember asking you for your fucking opinion."
by chainsoar March 06, 2009