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A McSunshine is achieved by combining three items from the breakfast menu at Mcdonalds. Those three items are as follows; An Egg McMuffin, a Sausage McMuffin, an a hashbrown.

To make a McSunshine you must follow these instructions:
-Flip the sausage mcmuffin upside down and take off the bottom english muffin(now the top)
-Place the botttomless sausage mcmuffin on top of the complete egg mcmuffin
-Break the hashbrown in half and place one half on each side of the middle english mcmuffin
-You know have a McSunshine

Some people like to take the ham off the egg mcmuffin, others preffer no hashbrowns in the middle, although they are an essential ingrediant. However you modify it, a McSunshine is an amazing way to start off your morning.

Other names include: Breakfast BigMac, McSunrise, McDaybreak, and McMorning
I was so hungry this morning, I went to McDonald's and made myself a McSunshine

Im so satisfied after eating that McSunshine, this is going to be a great day!
by cestunbetebete April 12, 2011

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