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no fly zone
in a strip club if a girl wont let you touch her ass or boobs
that good looking girl at the vu enforces an NFZ.
by cerahas June 09, 2005
No Fly Zone. In a strip club, refers to a girl that will not let you touch anywhere vital like the ASS or Boobs. NFZ girls are never jedi, only beeotches
Destiny at the deja vu city of industry has killer yabos but she has a strict NFZ
by cerahas June 08, 2005
In a strip club where the girl grinds on you facing you, takes her hand and grabs your shizzle and mashes it against her pussy. like she is wax on wax off, fucken karate kid style.
Brazil does the pussy shimmy at the vu.
by cerahas August 19, 2005

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