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The idea is that that liar doesn't even have facial hair to hide his facial expression, and thus the lie is easily recognized -- and yet is told anyway.

Note: the expression is not bold face lie.
Saturday Night Live has had two characters that specialize in bald faced lies, Jon Lovitz's The Pathological Liar (e.g. "Morgan Fairchild. Yeah, that's it.") and Kristen Wiig's Penelope the Compulsive Liar (e.g. "Mine when through the roof too, they were just really high, they went around the roof and through the roof, so high that they were all over the roof. They were higher than yours."
by ceolaf January 14, 2009
Acronyn, standing for "Oh, For The Love Of God," meaning exasperated disbelief
Octomom is tying to get pregnant again? OFTLOG!
by ceolaf December 23, 2009
A person with whom one shared a special relationship that is somewhat more than simply as friend, but not not quite the level of "significant other." May be former or future significant other, or even someone whom will never have that status. Some "best friends" qualify, but not nearly all do. A sexual component to the relationship is quite common, though it is not required.

Note: A sexual component does not automatically raise a friend to moderately significant other status, rather it is the strength of the bond between the two parties.
"I haven't had a girlfriend in a while, so I've been spending a lot of time with my moderately significant other, and we've even gone to a few weddings together. But somehow, we've never quite gone out."
by ceolaf September 01, 2009

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