3 definitions by celtichild

Anything ridiculous that is banned, censored, prohibited or forbidden, that isn't remotely offensive or illegal in the modern world.
Dude: Bro, stop holding out on those Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Bro: This is my last bag man..Banned in China !!!

Dude: Sucks...brought the heat.
by celtichild October 18, 2011
Being shamed into reposting other peoples "re-posts"

eg..I know that a lot of you "who think you're too cool" probably won't re-post this. But a very little amount of my friends will....pick your cause
Bro: Hey liked your status on animal cruelty.

Buddy: Yeah..my ex took the dog and hamster.

Bro: Whooo.. she faceguilted your status.
by celtichild September 27, 2011
The total collapse of the Canadian Junior Hockey team at the World Championships!!!!!
Man...did you watch the gold medal match?

eg; Yeah eh... it was a total Ahockalypse!
by celtichild January 09, 2011

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