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' Minecraft Is What Minecraft is, so DONT FUCKING FORGET '

Minecraft is a sandbox'ish' indie game created by mojang, who was originally lead by Marcus persson or 'notch'.
The game had no real objective but to survive and have fun doing an almost infinite possibilities untill update 1.1 ( non-beta ) with the realease of the ENDER DRAGON, a mob named after an earlier mob, endermen.
In its alpha release in 2009, it gained some attention as a game with exponential promise as a game. In 2010 it became beta and well-known, and in its final beta stages in 2011 is was a world-famous game. It left beta in early 2012,
leaving the beta tag and going to ' 1.0 '.

in early 2012, notch left the minecraft crew to do another game, which i wont say. He left ' Jebb ' his roommate, to own the game. Most people say Jebb ruined minecraft, but ill let you decide 'yes' or 'no'
Minecraft is an ' indie ' game though some strongly disagree
by cedric1234 September 18, 2012

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