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the act of not being able to drink untill 21. something invented in california by some fucked guy with a 2 inch cock. i think im speaking for everyone under the age of 21.
getting pulled over by a cop:
"where are you girls going" "heheheh back home" "step out of the car please and recite your abc's" "fuck you dick head" "ladies are you aware the drinking age of 21 cock sucking law?"
#drinking #21 #able to drink #legal #sweet bro
by cecelia feathers November 05, 2006
one who gives head very often
dude i would but that weiner cleaner proley has std's
#head #cock #sucking #nice penis #penis #yo dawg
by cecelia feathers November 05, 2006
not what the fuck-want to fuck
hey baby wtf?

ya i was this total babe last night and she totaly wtf. (past tense form)
#want to fuck #fuck #want #wtf #yo dawg
by cecelia feathers November 05, 2006
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