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critical state soil theory:
A unified mathematical model of behaviour of saturated remoulded clay in triaxial compression tests if continuously distorted( sheared) untill it flow as a frictional fluid,will come to a well-defined critical state distorting under constant volume,v,constant mean effective stress,p1, and constant deviator stress,q, critical state line CSL) governed by

v=T-h ln p1

where v= specific volume,1+e,where e is the voids ratio
T ,h and M are soil constants,

q= d1-d3,

where d1,effective axial stress, d2=d3 are the the effective cell pressure,
effective pressure d1=(D1-u) ,where D1 is the Total axial stress and u the pore water pressure
similarly d2=(D2-u)=d3=(D3-u) in a triaxial test, d2=d3
The above thery is assumed to apply to undisturbed soils and other granular materials.

This theory is after Roscoe,Schofiled and Wroth (1968)
Critical state soil theory: applicable in earth dams, embankments,soft grounds, piles on soils and foundations on soils
by cccv June 26, 2009
Tamil-Nation:This refer to about 40 percent of land of sri lanka and about 60 percent coastal area of current north and east of the country once known as ceylon form 1815-1948 under British rule. Now having 3-4 million population ,with war for tamil eelam liberation sending about million people abroad scattered around the world. Before that it was know as Jaffna Kingdom under Dutch and Portugese who ruled for more than 300 years before that without annexing Jaffna Kingdom and Kandian 9sinhalese)kingdom ,which was done under British for administrative purposes under one rule . Tamileelam or Tamil nation existed as a Jaffna kingdom for more than 3000 years .History records that whole of ceylon had roads with tamil names for millennium even during british colonial rule form north to south. There is a famous hindu temple i south cooastal area of ceylon,now called sri lanka since 1972 worshipped by sinhalese buddists as well.Tamils of srilanka voted for self determination of tamilnation in 1976 when the whole of tamils of eelam were participated before the racial riots in 1983 more than 3000 tamils died.
Tamil-nation: eelam nation, tamil eelam,eelam, jaffna Kingdom,Eelamnation,Thamilthesam,Tamilnation
by cccv June 30, 2009