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A word used by the friends and the members of the band The Academy Is...
"Santi" was the shortened version of "Santiago," the last name of a boy that Adam T. Siska (bassist for the band), knew and strongly disliked in high school. Perhaps "santi" was initially used as a way to refer to Santiago derisively, but eventually the band began to use it as a greeting, a word of praise, or an expression of anything good.
Fans made Adam about a million shirts that said "Santi" on it for a while, which he was delighted about.
"Santi" was also tatooed on Andy Mrotek aka Butcher, the drummer for the band. You can see it for a moment in the video of the band's song "Slow Down." The tatoo was located on his butt before he replaced it with a different one.
TAI fan: what the hell does santi mean????
Other TAI fan: no one's really sure, actually.
by ccaw! June 02, 2006
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