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a mixed class group in Northern New Jersey where I'm pretty sure it's the only town with five Dunkin' Donuts in it. Aparently that's the cool place to hang out, right. Yeah .. Anyway, going to school in Mount Olive is pretty much stupid. The excpectations are high, the dramas high, the students are high, and sometimes, I think the teachers are high. You'd me amazed at some of the stupid shit that comes out of their mouths. Girls adore the fact that they can think that they're on The Hills, because they start drama .. yes, it's that deep. Moving on to high school where you can find any druggie within a 2 inch radius of another one! They just added more to the school, oh joy, most likely re-raising the excpectations for the future. Yay to you 6th graders because aparently you have more time on your hands since you guys seem more likely to get pregnant than the high schoolers because they're too busy with their homework and school work. Yeah, so, in other news, Mount Olive is split up into 3 general areas, Budd Lake, Flanders, and like a street of Hackettstown. If you're super-duper cool and want to be skater emo then go to the Hackettstown skatepark. Yeah because no one is skater/emo ... right. Ok, Budd Lake, also known as 'Crudd Lake' to some might have the highest violent crime rating out of the 3 parts. There's two sets of 'ghettos' and if you come from the one by the middle school, well, then you're fucked because you don't get an option, you're ghetto. If you come from the other, well it's a toss up, you can be skater, pot-head, ghetto, or a creepy combination. There's small houses set around the lake for people that don't want to live in the ghetto, but can't afford the big houses, or just don't want to pay the rising taxes on that house. Ofcourse, there's big houses, there has to be .. because Mayor Scappichio says so .. Oh yeah, then there's Flanders where I don't think there's one ghetto, but there are like 2+ groceries stores, right next to eachother. Also, good luck high schoolers who have dreams beyond CCM, since you really didn't give a fuck in school and just hung around the Dunkin' Donuts parking lot thinking you're cool, you'll never get out of fucking Mount Olive!
"I don't know where we're gonna move little Johnny!"
"I don't care as long as it's not to Mount Olive!"
by cattt (: February 05, 2008

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