1 definition by cate jiklopi

A nasty skank slut whorebag with very large unattractive saggy tits. Occasionally she has to hold them up when she walks so that she doesn't step on them, even though if she step on them she still wouldn't feel it because the blood can't circulate that far in her body. Anyways she tends to get around to all of the boys and they like to fuck her. She lets them do their job and then lets them go. Her favorite is the shocker and all the boys in massena give it to her, mostly the boys way older than her that only want her because they know they can get some and have to show no affection otherwise. She goes for boys 16 and up but they are usually under 33. USUALLY. Some people refer to her not only as the town bicycle, but the town bus because she is soo big that many boys can ride her at the same time. You might not want to ride her though because you might get in a crash, I mean, she DOES get wasted just about every night. If you see her you may want a free ride but unless you want herpes, run and hide or plug your nose because you have never smelt tuna this strong.
Yeah t-hoe? I fucked her. TWICE. But she didn't recognize me the second time.
by cate jiklopi October 06, 2007

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