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20 definitions by cason-point

A photo taken in the same fashion as a selfie, but with 2 or more people - making it a "WE-fie." A plural selfie, if you will.

Usually the friend with the longest arms is the designated wefie taker.
2 girls are trying to get a picture of themselves together to capture a good moment/scenery
Shana, holds camera up in front of them: "Let's just take a selfie together"

Brittney: "Technically that would be a wefie"

Shana: "Hashtag that one, dork."
by Cason-Point December 14, 2013
The new planking! The art of kringling is to sit across the lap or knee of a stranger as if they are Kris Kringle. A proper ‘kringle’ catches it’s target by surprise and is most effective when executed in unique scenarios.
Otis and Brittney got into the holiday spirit by Kringling people at the mall last weekend, he even Kringled the Kringle himself and she sat on a Panther's player's lap to Kringle him, but she may or may have not just been flirting. kiss951.radio.com/2011/12/01/holiday-planking-kringling-is-the-new-fad/
by Cason-Point December 05, 2011
As opposed to a bridezilla, the bridesmaidzilla is a bridesmaid who is bitter about the amount of money she has to spend to be in the wedding party
"I just spent $400 on a bridesmaid dress and shoes, and I still have to pay for my travel, the bachelorette party, and a wedding present! I didn't sign up for this. Is she a bridezilla ... or am I a bridesmaidzilla?"
by Cason-Point March 01, 2010
A more polite and indiscrete way to say Gassy. Full of gas bubbles.
"Do you have any Gas-X? I should not have eaten that broccoli and cheese soup ... I am bubbly now. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go blow a bubble!"
by Cason-Point February 04, 2010
A person who is so self-obsessed that they post copious amounts of selfies on their social media with no purpose other than to say "look at me!" They do this in hopes of getting 'likes' and comments telling them they're good looking as that's their way of validating their looks and sense of self(ie)-worth. This narcissism is actually a common practice of someone with low self esteem that tries to overcompensate for their insecurities by posting filtered pictures of themselves hoping to get compliments to feed their ego...as if we don't know that for every one selfie posted there are 10 others deleted.
"I had to un-follow Cassie on instagram because she posts a selfie every five minutes like "look at me on my way to the gym," "now here I am getting my hair done," like I care!"

"If you think that's bad look at Kim Kardashian's - now she is selfie-obsessed, on instagram and real life!"
by Cason-Point April 13, 2014
A male version of a Cougar. Typically has a wife in which he cheats on with younger women. Inspired by Lion, Cheetah, (Tiger) Woods.
That older guy just asked me out while he was wearing a wedding ring ... what a tiger!
by Cason-Point February 04, 2010
The nightclub equivalent to an ocean bottom-feeder. The girls who hover around the VIP section of a club to try and get to a table to drink for free off their bottle and acquire a false sense of status. They can often be found in super tight, short dresses dancing provocatively in front of the VIP section of a club trying to catfish a sucker.
"Robin, why are those girls being stage five clingers to our boyfriends?"

"Oh they're just being scavengers looking for a free drink ticket...they're just bottle-feeders, don't worry, no decent guy respects them."
by Cason-Point December 13, 2013