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one who works on an oil pipeline or equipment. duties include pump repair, installation, and mechanical operation. basically just a greasier millwright.
1. the refinery hired three new roustabouts.

2. (in a superior british accent)
You, sir, are a gregarious, tobacco chewing roustabout!
by carlton berry June 12, 2007
commonly substituted for the chinese food dish known as 'General Tso's chicken' in some lower end chinese food restaurants. such an establishment may be identified by the presence of several live traps in the back alley. some of these may contain a cat, raccoon, or small dog, awaiting their newfound destiny as a cleverly disguised menu item.
'hi, i'll have the teriyaki dog, an order of pigeon fingers, and the General Tso's cat.'
by carlton berry August 31, 2007
cleverly substituted for chicken fingers in a lower-end chinese food restaurant. such establishments may be identified by an abundance of bird feeders, but a curious absence of birds.
'yeah, i'll have the gai-pan, 2 egg rolls, a large pork fried rice, and an order of pigeon fingers.'
by carlton berry August 17, 2007
often substituted for what are commonly referred to as 'teriyaki beef sticks' in some lower-end chinese food restaurants. such an establishment may be identified by the presence in the back alley of an assortment of dogs, which changes daily. also look for the variety of missing dog posters on nearby utility poles.
'hi, i'll have the kung pao chicken, the shrimp lo mein, and a large order of teriyaki dog'
by carlton berry August 17, 2007

the sickness which results from eating a pizza from one of those grimy corner joints. (note to self: pepperoni is not supposed to be green.) usually accompanied by several hours of toilet hovering.


a similar sickness which occurs after eating anything which is considered unfit for consumption in places other than sri lanka. aka food poisoning.
'no, i can't go out tonight. i got a mad case of pizzarrhea from that new thai place downtown.'
by carlton berry August 17, 2007

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