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Saturn SC2 (Sport Coupe, twin cam), not to be confused with the SC1 (Sport Coupe, single cam). The SC1 and SL1 (sedan) are SLOW, the SC2 and SL2 are FAST. Unforunately, most press cars were single cammers, so Saturn never got the reputation for performance they deserved.
The Saturn SC2 is an often overlooked and under rated Sport Coupe. The body is plastic, so it won't rust. A good used car buy!
by Car-roll Shelby December 22, 2006
A never restored, 1980's Mustang, driven every single day in its SnowBelt (aka "RustBelt") homeland.
Michigan has a lot of Rustangs!
by Car-roll Shelby January 06, 2007
It looks like a 2-door coupe, but it has four doors (2 long forward hinged doors in front, two short rear hinged doors in back, with no pillar between the front and rear doors). It has a rust proof and dent resistant plastic body, it is supercharged and VERY fast (but inexpensive).
If you want an undercover hotrod, get a Saturn ION RedLine without the rear wing. This is the last of the CANNOT rust plastic bodied Saturns, so, if you live in the snow/rust belt, you better buy this one before they're all gone!
by Car-roll Shelby December 22, 2006
A good looking and fairly quick 2 seater made in the late 80's and earl 90's. Front wheel drive, 3.8 V6. Resembles a cross between an early Miata hardtop and a late model Camaro.
My Buick Reatta isn't the fastest car in town, but it definitely is not slow! Buick bring back the sporty cars! How about a Lucerne-based quad coupe Regal and Grand National (with Turbo) and a LaCrosse-based quad coupe Riviera and WildCat (turbo). And a 2-door, 2-seat Reatta based on the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky, but add AWD because you're BUICK.
by Car-roll Shelby December 22, 2006
A midengine component car that borrows most of its mechanical pieces from the C5 Corvette.
Its lower, wider and lighter than the Corvette, that combined with its rear-midengine layout means that the Factory Five GTM takes the Corvette components to even greater heights of performance.
by Car-roll Shelby November 25, 2006
"Bah-kull" = a very sucessfull venture.
The Ford Mustang turned out to be a fantastic bacle.
by Car-roll Shelby November 25, 2006
Slang for FORD TAURUS.
When my stupid ex-wife divorced me, I was sable to trade up from our old Ford Tortoise station wagon to a brand new Ford Rustang GT!
by Car-roll Shelby July 22, 2006
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