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used to describe something gross, bad, or ugly. but not sad. can also be used to describe the feeling of having a hangover. it often used in the langwidge dialect.
(used with the langwidge dialect): ey gotted sew tinkeed las nyte an den ey feeled bleendy ahll da nex dai.
#bad #hangover #langwidge #horrible #gross
by car-car supastar May 02, 2007
the act of swiping the hand through another's ass crack. one can also be "trapped in the chaime" if someone sits on your hand and traps it in their ass crack.
Dude, I chaimed that bitch so good when she bent over to pick up her puppy.
#credit card #chaim #chaym #crack swipe #butt #ass
by car-car supastar May 01, 2007
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