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the fluid from a vagina, especially that which flows when a woman is excited.
I had that bitch so wet, her pussyjuice soaked the fuckin' sheets!
by captain fuckstick August 19, 2003
one who gives rimjobs (eats out assholes).
well my legs are pinned behind my head, so get over here and do your duty you lazy rimjobber.
by captain fuckstick August 19, 2003
a flirtacious girl or woman who is all touchy feely, often giggly, and will make out with almost any guy who pays attention to her for more than 5 minutes, however, won't so much as give you a hand job after you take her home.
that little cocktease left me blueballed last night.
mom, you're such a fucking cocktease
by captain fuckstick August 19, 2003

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