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2 definitions by cap'n zack

a person who is unable to apreciate good bull shit or truthiness
The teacher asked me where the guy in my paper came from, and he didn't know, so I told him Paraguay. Then some smart-ass fact nazis in the back corrected me.
by cap'n zack September 08, 2006
A violent Asian drinking game first started by a group of budhist monks who were kicked out of their monastary for excessive drinking. The game is a combination of balance, coordination, and alchohol/pain tolerance. The game begins by two people drinking 5 beers. (rice wine was the original drink of choice, but it has become increasingly sparce in america.) Once the contestants have consumed the beers, they walk 5 paces apart from each other and are blindfolded. One at a time they turn around, walk back blindfolded, about 9 paces, and attempt to kick their opponent in the head. If they hit, they drink a beer. then they go back to the starting point and wait for the other mans turn. the game ends when on person gets a kick to the head that he cannot get up from. The winner then ripps of his blindfold challenges someone else.
You: This is gonna be the last time you insult my momma, Xia-Xoh. The shit be on now!
Xia-Xoh: You wanna take this outside?
You: No. I want to stay in here and play Ding-Dang!
The bar goes silent
by cap'n zack August 27, 2006