3 definitions by candi su monge

having an obvious or deliberate american sensibility; pertaing specifically to american culture
my british friends weren't good at playing trivial pursuit here in the usa because they found the questions to be too americentric
by candi su monge June 07, 2007
noun: a metaphor that doensn't quite work i.e. not quite a metafour
i tried my best to explain but all i could come up with was a rather lame, metathree-and-a-half
by candi su monge June 07, 2007
adjective. a corruption of asperger (as in asperger's syndrome) and exasperated. meaning: overwhelmed by having to care for an individual with asperger's syndrome, a form af autism. (n.b. not necessarily pejorative)
we spent the whole day together am i'm feeling more then a little exaspergerated
by candi su monge June 07, 2007

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