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the status symbol plague of america in liquid form...it's the only beverage accessory to your outfit now. and every mindless drone who goes there thinks that they're artsy, posh, and sophisticated if they visit a starbucks or carry around a drink with its logo, despite the fact that just about anyone can buy from there?
Serena stopped by starbucks in the morning to buy a mocca java and she finished it in 5 minutes flat but more importantly she carried the empty cup with its starbucks logo around to each of her next 6 class periods of the day.

Tara almost sold her soul to work at starbucks, now she finally got the job, thinks she's in paradise, and brags about how she can make the best frappacinos and can serve her admiring friends for free. As you can see, she's truly made it in life.
by can you repeat the question June 04, 2004

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