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also known as $C3N3

-usually likes music like bring me the horizon, hadouken, paramore, elecronic music and some rap just because they're so br00t4l like that

-likes patterns like diamonds, lightning bolts, cupcakes, or hello kitty and gloomy bear

-unnatural black/blonde hair with coontails, backcombs, wears headband

-immitates gangstaaaa's slang to be cool

-likes myspace better than bebo

-is a stickam entertainer just because gee von gore (or geedropdead) said stickam was cool

-knows who techno star, chemo tink, and bee pirate hooker are

-admires audrey kitching

-wears glasses or sunglasses in pictures

-takes pictures in different places and at different angles

-hates emos and being called emo

-has tried smoking, drugs, and alcohol

-loves millionaires and brokencyde

-wears skinny jeans, and whatever odd things they can find in their closet

-has one of those diamond necklaces

please note that agreeing to a few of the above does not make you scene
"hey have you seen that one chick on myspace? she has 45k+"

"naw, she's a total scene kid. I prefer indie's myself. :P"
by calliehahagay August 05, 2008

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