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A person who simply does not believe in any higher power. Some people say we worship the devil, but this is not possible, because we do not believe in the devil. Some say it is an excuse to do wrong things or not to do good things. This is also a false statement. Some say that atheist hat Christians, actually, seeing the previous definitions, it's the Christians doing most of the hating. Some people say that it's just a bunch of kids going around trying to be cool. I don't think me being atheist makes me any cooler, seeing as I don't prance around school yelling "I'm atheist!" I'm pretty sure no one else does that either... We do not hate all religions, actually, my best friend is actually very religious. She is Part of Jehovah's Witness, which by the way is not a cult and no one should be judged in any way by their religion, non-religion, or beliefs unless of course they push it on other people. Then they aren't very nice people.
Atheist: I'd like to donate this to the charity fund
Not very nice person walking out of church: Why didn't you go to church?
Atheist: I'm atheist.
Not very nice person: Whore! (or also possibly: slut, satanist, or anything else that really makes no sense for someone to say about someone who doesn't believe in higher powers because it is completely non related)
For my bestest friend in the world:
JW:I would like volunteer at this animal shelter
NVNP: Hey! What church do you go to?
JW: The Jehovah's witness one
NVNP: you're part of a cult!!!!!!!!!!!
by californiachickfromspace July 06, 2010

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