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A University in Baton Rouge,Louisiana that is by far the flagship school in Louisiana and better than any other school in the gulf south including alabama and those ole miss assholes.Ole miss is genrally jealous of LSU and everybody can see why.Prooduces very attractive brunettes for some reason.Also known as a great partying school and is climbing the ranks in academics.
LSU is far superior than alabama and Ole Miss in any category.
by cajun-irish guy June 25, 2005
The center of cajun culture in louisiana.Very cool town.Bigger than what what most people think.Home to the university of louisana and is the states 5th largest city. Lafayette has a lot of potential but it is slowly losing its uniqeness to strip malls and 5 lane roads which can be found in any other city.
guy#1:Whose that fly ass fucker mackin all the ladies?

guy#2: oh, thats matt hes from lafayette.Hes not a douche!
by cajun-irish guy April 01, 2005
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