3 definitions by cabelhigh

A woman who is an uber-feminist.As in, such a feminist she's a robot. She finds all men inferior and feels they should all be completely subservent. Are insulted when someone says "Bitchin'", "Sexy", or any other "derogatory" terms.
Stacy's such a fembot, I heard she slapped her boyfriend when he said his car was "bringing sexy back." Which she hated.
by cabelhigh April 05, 2009
Short for weed virgin, aka one who has not yet been enlightened to marijuana.
"dude, have you tried this dank yet???"
"nah dude, i'm a wee-vee."
by cabelhigh July 01, 2009
Amazing, massive tits. Usually applied to a woman.
Sunny is fucking tit-tacular, man. Those things are melons!
by cabelhigh September 21, 2009

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