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the act of having a drop of urin on the tip of your dick as you stick it to ones ear.
dude shes been around soo much id rather "really willy" her face
by cabbage juice August 17, 2009
noune:/a female usualy of the obease that hangs out with the cute girl and promts her to diss you.
yea things woulda gone well if the tree kicker had a mc d's #1 to shut the fuck up!
by cabbage juice August 18, 2009
1/ to say to a gum jawed female before the fight.
or really any one.
cocky waffle house waitress .truck stop whore.
best started with 1"you aint nothing but"

2"you g+d damn"

3"wouldnt toucha cumguzzlinghorsefucker like you

whith finishing move such as 1.whore 2.bitch 3.pussy
by cabbage juice August 17, 2009

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