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The residual shit stain that remains after numerous flushes of ones toilet. Synonomous to "tagging" in the graffitti sub-culture. In essence, leaving ones own unique mark behind on the bowl...
"Yo, I can't believe the scat paint Janiqua left behind in my bowl... How am I supposed to keep fucking her now after seein dat!"
by cMoney Disco September 27, 2009
when two loud mouthed fucks stage an obnoxious public dis-off intentionally loud so everyone in their immediate presence can be witness to their display of foulness.
Pernell: "Did you hear Lou and Chris gettin down on each other at the drag queen beauty pageant last saturday?"

Ernestine: "How could you not hear those two mancunts, I thought the host was gonna call the police after that display of mouth wars! Shit......."

Pernell: "solid...."

Ernestine: "holla"
by cMoney Disco November 07, 2009
a person who always has to announce to all other people in his immediate company who and how many cops he knows. Said person is always making stupid small talk with cops, i.e. on details, in coffee shops, etc. Their obnoxious ass-kissing usually purports a certain discomfort level to the pigs they are conversing with.
Gas Utility Worker: "Hey Pete, haven't seen you down The VFW lately, did you get that boat of yours out of the water yet?"

Detail Cop: " Uhh yeah, I did three months ago in December, Jim, I mean Tom..."

Gas Utility Worker: " Yeah I heard Captain Jones, you know, Jonesy, was in the paper last week listed as the second highest paid cop in the city. Yeah I went to grammar school with his neighbors cousins ex-wife not too long ago in '73."

Disco: " Man, look at Tom go, he truly is a fucking blue nose!"
by cMoney Disco November 07, 2009
An older gay gentleman who prefers the company of younger men. His intent is usually non-sexual in nature but, to appear hip and trendy amongst said peers in the gay community.
Sergei:Where are we watching American Idol tonight?

Hermes: I say we head over to Arthurs house, he has the flyest surround sound system

Sergei: Ickkk... He creeps me out that old auntie....
by cMoney Disco October 04, 2009

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