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Originated 1947, In Hollister, California,By the AMA (American Motorcycle Association)Describing the Motorcycle Culture & Lifestyle, to the media/press, basically saying that out of 99% of all motorcycles riders, only 1% are Bad,Thus the Outlaw Bikers Gangs were labeled as the 1%ers, Originally the oldest & most notorious being the
The 1%ers are a some mean motherfuckers.

The 1%ers have the best drugs.

The 1%ers get all the fine chicks.

The 1%ers know how to party!
by cHARLES BLACk December 26, 2003
A crazy skinny guy, with incredible strength, and great sense of humor. A real crowd pleaser. The real party starter.The ability to be funny and kick ass at the same time, while being skinny.
Hey, did you guys see Chuckster kick the shit out of that guy, over there, man it was funny!
Thank god, the Chucksters showed up, because this party was really starting to suck ass!
by cHARLEs BLAck December 26, 2003
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