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2 definitions by c. richy

When a girl has really large breasts, or wears H-cups.

When a gay guy wants to torment his straight friends by shaking his H-cups in their face. These H-cups are usually pillows.
GAY: Look, my straight friend is sleeping. I'll shake my hippo cups in his face.
STRAIGHT FRIEND: Dude get your hippo cups out of my face!
by c. richy May 08, 2007
16 19
When a male-PMS-ing thug is trying to sleep after a long night of drinking with a fine ass girl, his fine ass friend and a gay boy. The gay boy will then proceed to insert his hippo cups and shake his titties in the thug's face, to the amusement of the fine ass girl and fine ass friend. Then the thug and the fine ass girl will bicker. Bicker bicker bicker.
GAY: *shakes hippo cups*
THUG: Hey, stop, I'm trying to be impress this fine ass girl and I'm PMSing!
FINE ASS GIRL: Stop trying to impress me, your friend is fine as hell!
FINE ASS FRIEND: *laughs at thug*
GAY: *shakes hippo cups*
THUG: Why does my life have to suck?
THUG: You shut up!
GAY: You guys are just bickering bitches!
by c. richy May 08, 2007
4 14