3 definitions by c-luv

A code name by the FBI meaning The President is having sex leave him the fuck alone.
The inauguration is just one big marathon to get to The Oval Office to take care of real business.
by c-luv January 21, 2013
Applauding in sheer astonishment for how fraudulent people who cut you down, cut corners to get where you wanna be, steal who you are, and thieve your identity and dreams. Especially the one's you grew up with your entire life.
After 15 years of my life I have to applaud many of the fake friends I grew up with. So on the last thursday of the supposed rapture, this moment in time I would like to capture. Toast! Can I have a #fraudapplaud please?
by c-luv December 20, 2012
Wishes Per Game
Indian-Canadian Nazem Kadri Call Up turned Pro Hockey player for Toronto Maple Leafs averages bout 12.8 WPG due to the heavy East Indian Population rooting for him
by c-luv January 23, 2013

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