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The Furthest you can get stoned.
Stoner 1: Man i am stoned to the bone!
Chong 1: Dude i am stoned to the marrow.
by C MART October 14, 2005
When you screw four girls of the opposite race that you are.
Man that C MART guy is a total pimp he has had a Mexican, black, asian, and white. He got a Racial Grand Slam.

Eric will never get a racial Grand slam, because he is racist.
by C MART October 05, 2005
A Place that pays you to take medicine for money. Located in Springfield, Mo.
Dude 1: Hey man you gonna be at the kegger this weekend?
Lab rat 1: Neh i got Bio kinetics.
Dude 1: Oh well next weekend i have a free beer party.
Lab rat 1: I have Bio Kinetics then too.
by C MART October 14, 2005
To do everything stronger then what you would do when your sober.
Man that eric guy is pushin me around, what a strong drunk.
Have the strong drunks left yet?
by C MART October 01, 2005
A chick that is on the rag and all she wants to do is dry hump your leg.
Dude that guy is getting his leg humped off.
Yea that chick is a screamin bleeder.
by C MART October 14, 2005
a shirt that is plaid or striped that is a few years out of style
take that off, its a gary shirt
by C MART October 07, 2005
the trim that you have lined out for night
dude 1: do you have your splitter agenda planned out for tonight?
dude 2: yeah, at 7 im picking up angie, and then at 10:30 im going over to michelles
dude 1: thats a good agenda!
by C MART October 07, 2005
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