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Star Feeder is a person who considers themself a foodie and puts up with long waits and exorbitant prices to eat at celebrity chef restaurants and TV foodie show places like Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard's "Girl & The Goat" or any place Anthony Bourdain recommends or, atleast anyplace celebrities have often been seen eating.

It is the culinary corollary to Star Fucker. The idea that somehow eating there will allow you to ingest some celebrity for yourself.
They can't seat us at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill until 11:30 PM and the drinks at the bar are $12 and up! We are such shameless star feeders....
by Buzzk January 13, 2012
A person who works at an apartment building or, more commonly, a hotel. They are similar in function to a butler. Their job is make a guest's stay more pleasant by attending to special requests, arranging events or restaurant reservations and answering questions or making suggestions about the local area.
I asked the concierge for a suggestion about a city tour and she is setting something up.
by buzzk November 28, 2010

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