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4 definitions by bucsboy

The way you text. Be it T9, full qwerty keyboard or straight candybar phone 9 keys.
What's you textual orientation?
T9 It predicts before I can think what I'm going to say next.
by bucsboy May 24, 2009
9 0
A sexual massage of the penis in the motion of churning butter. It's kind of like an indian sunburn, but on the penis.
Sally grabbed Fred's penis, and performed a butter churn upon it.
by bucsboy February 03, 2007
9 6
In Halo, when you get 6 Kills within 4 seconds of each other.
Halo Multilayer Announcer says "Kill Frenzy" when you get 6 kills.
by bucsboy January 22, 2007
17 30
A rare meaning, but it can also mean "My Nipple," rather than "My Nigger"
"Fo' shizzle, my nizzle" - For Sure, My Nipple"
by bucsboy February 08, 2007
13 45