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4 definitions by bubba jones

A pussy fart. Often when getting it doggy-stlye air is ingested into the vagina. When this air is expelled it resembles a fart, but makes a "quefing" sound.
Best when drawed out and said something like "QU EEEE FFF EEEEE"
by Bubba Jones March 18, 2005
182 57
Arie is aluu.
by bubba jones June 25, 2012
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Christopher Robins in the 100 acre hood's definition of Makin wild monkey love in the bedroom.
Amy wants to flipp some woffels in the bedroom with her teacher.
by Bubba Jones March 04, 2003
4 4
Chapstick's very own ghetto version of crapy.
What a Craptastical place, Craptastical Dave and his butt buddy Buster!!
by Bubba Jones March 04, 2003
6 9