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Anybody named Stephanie is a beyond beautiful sexy girl with more talent and more confidence than any blonde you will meet. Stephanies are very competetive, especially when it comes to blondes. They sometimes feel like nerds around blondes when really, they are six million times better than the blondes. The blondes that are not named stephanie are just plain selfish, unatractive bitches that brag because thats what they want people to think of them. Alot of blondes arent like that, like some are nice and sweet, but ones that brag all the time are brats. Stephanies are more popular than any Cindy or Kayla or Kelly or anyone, but stephanies dont always realize how popular they really are. Everyone loves stephanie because they definitly dont brag. All the guys are after her and all the girls would die to be her. Everyone wants to be her friend and when a guy ends a message he always puts 'love' at the end. Remember, stop loving he blondes and start loving the Stephanies!!
stephanie is so sweet.
by btmieeee January 16, 2012

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