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Delaying professional work of an important nature by doing other more mundane, yet professional work. Other forms of the word include profastination, profastinate.
I really didn't want to start that report, so I profastinated by checking my email and organizing my desk.
by Bruhaha January 28, 2008
The conversational altitude at a dinner table predominated by females. Only recognizable by males. Origin: Sea-Level
Dude #1: (as dude #2 enters the kitchen) What are you doing away from the table?
Dude #2: I just had to get my head above she-level.
Dude #1: Were they discussing menstrual cycles synchronizing again?
by Bruhaha May 15, 2008
The state a heavy drinker enters when they've drunk a lot, start acting obnoxious and their name is Rob.
Bar Patron 1: Oh no, I can't believe Rob did that?
Bar Patron 2: I know, he's completely smashed.
Bar Patron 3: He's being so robnoxious.
by Bruhaha November 20, 2011
When someone has drunk a lot in an evening, orders that one drink too far, takes a sip, places it on the bar and walks out without any goodbyes or acknowledgement to anyone.
Person 1: Where's Steve?
Person 2: I don't know, maybe he left. He was pretty far gone.
Person 1: Probably answered the Call of the Wild.
by Bruhaha November 20, 2011
The state that occurs once the Red Stripes have played and people (mainly drummers) start removing sweat soaked clothing.
Great night last night! Can't believe how mooblicious it got later though.
by Bruhaha June 07, 2014
When you become friends with a large number of people in facebook at once for a variety of reasons.
I friended an old buddy from high school, and suddenly I went on a friendzy with all my old school buds.

I hadn't checked my friend requests for like, ages, and when I went in, I went on a friendzy and friended like six new people.
by Bruhaha May 04, 2011
A person who tends to get great gigs for his band. Reduction acronym from Great God of Gigs.
band member A: "You are a total G-cube for getting us this sweet gig, bro'"
G-cube: "All in a day's work. I love me."
by Bruhaha November 21, 2007

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