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bros are preppy dicks who normally have their last name tattooed somewhere on their body . wearing mostly abercrombie hollister,ae or aero with a backwards baseball cap. work out 6 days a week. are obsessed with beerpong and drink keystone and natty ice. they also like to play stupid xbox and guitar hero constantly.if not that then watching football or ufc. bros also like tanning beds.and listening to tech n9ne and over play it way too much, that or lil wayne. are often found with hoes. bros are all fags that are waiting to come out.
example :
chris bro:hey bro wanna chill bro.

nick bro: ya bro we should go buy a 30 pack of keystone and then play beerpong for a couple hours bro.

chris bro: ya then go fuck some hoes bro.

nick bro: yea then eachother bro!

by brttny September 11, 2008

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