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2 definitions by brohood4life

when a girls vag is so loose, if she were to lay down the Titanic could could sail through her vagina like it was cave.
after i got done banging that girl she had a titanic twat
by brohood4life December 22, 2009
3 3
kids with lives, that care about one thing.....VIDEO GAMES. they are nerdy, arrogant, and think they are athletic. their trademark...kid cudi specs, which emphasizes the nerdy part. on weekends you might catch them trying to find glitches in the latest x box 360 games or lubing eachothers butthole (see anal astronaut). Its really sad. only if they were more like their brotherhood idols....
a video game group, TDG will accept u in the group if u are: good at x box, fat, friendless, or not athletic.
by brohood4life November 27, 2009
12 26