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Target is basically like walmart only its slightly upscale. They have stupid names for employees such as team members, lods, tlods, gstls, tps and ap. What the fuck is up with that. At most jobs these people are called employees, managers, assistant managers and security guards. This is just plain stupid. Red and khaki are probably the worst colors to wear. And whats with the tucking in of the shirts. Damn I hate tucking in my shirtT. Thanks ROB. And its only the guys that have to do it. I think its because target is sexist or something. Another thing with names is that we have to call our customers guests. What the fuck they are not staying here like in a hotel. Zoning is probably the most useless thing I have ever done. As soon as i zone an aisle some little kid comes by and fucks it up. Damn. I hate the fucking 90 day return policy it sux. And most of the LODs and TLODs are jackasses. Not all of them, but most. Target does suck.
Team member: "Jeff can I go on my break?"
Jeff: "How many red cards have you gotten today?"
Team member: "None."
Jeff: "Well didn't I give you the Mr. Potatoe Head doll?"
Team member: "Yes. But I blew it up."
Jeff: "How could you it was my love?"
Team member: "Why don't you go get it, you no side burn, unibrow, freak."
Jeff: "Hey thats not nice."
Team member: "Fuck you. COHEED RULES."
by brianna is hot July 21, 2005
it is what every man and woman has no doubt done at one point in there lives
it is also what some people do everyday because they cant get a girlfriend and/or boyfriend. Its ok its natural to masturbate as long as you don't do it to often. There is even a short saying about masturbation.
"Masturbation source of recreation"
by brianna is hot July 21, 2005

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