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2 definitions by briana [sexi ho]

a hamburger with cheese on top
person 1--- "hey, what's for lunch?"
person 2--- "cheeseburgers!!"
person 1--- "huh?"
person 2--- "you just ad cheese to the burger"
person 1--- "o, yea!! duh!!"
by briana [sexi ho] June 28, 2006
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miss murder is the new, and best, song by afi from the new cd Decemberunderground.anyone could love this punk-alternativ-emo song. even me, a prep who shops at american eagle and abercrombie!!! yup, yup so check it out yourself! like the song will be stuck in your head, so catchy.
Miss Murder as great lyrics, but confusing video
by briana [sexi ho] June 28, 2006
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