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A goddess in Cherokee religion. She was a female goddess who's skin was pale and had hair in strands of red. She was beautiful and glowing with positive aura. Scholars believed that she was a European who was lost in the sea and ended up in the east cast. She was known for her kindness and caring nature, hence helping the Cherokee survive in harsh winters with teaching them to farm instead of hunting. She was known for her eyes, for they changed colors. To the Cherokee, this was a key fact that she was indeed a goddess, colors varied from Blue, Green, and grey. She was a major religious icon for the Cherokees throughout their years, this also influenced the passive and kindness towards the white men who came from the new world.
She's just as beautiful and Kind like Dakota
Praise Dakota for her passive and kind nature.
by brenttano11 May 23, 2010
Crazily, Insanely, Ridiculous in Anything
I'm Crasaniculously in LOVE with her!
by brenttano11 May 23, 2010

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