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Spanish for Phillip, originally comes from the greek Philippos or "friend/defender of the horses" as those who were the friends/defenders of horses were often kings and conquerors. Often males named Felipe are strong-willed; committed; proud, sometimes to the point of fault; masculine, without being a total jerk about it; organized, even if others don't see it, they have their system; practical, because Felipe doesn't get too bogged down with idealism and often seeks the best solution for the most people; intellectual, sometimes even a bit nerdy, but Felipe never forgets to apply his knowledge as opposed to simply contemplating all day;witty, because he loves to argue, often to understand a complicated issue, Felipe develops quite a verbal repertoire and his colleagues and subordinates know it; slow to anger, but fierce when angry, you don't want to piss him off! remember Bill Bixby in the Incredible Hulk? ; athletic, because he usually has some sport or activity that keeps him in motion, particularly if the activity is highly competitive and strength building (many top athletes are named Felipe); sociable, Felipe always has male and female friends because who isn't attracted to intelligent, witty and athletic people?; sexy, because strong, committed, leaders are always sexy
Phillip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great, was a well-known king. many kings and heads of state throughout history have been known as Phillip, Philip, Felipe, or Phillippe probably because it was a popular name among the upper classes, and thus occasionally mocked by those seeking to overturn those in power. Nevertheless, the name Felipe or any of its variants is a name that one must live up to if one is given it to continue its proud heritage
by brendabeeeee! July 16, 2009

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