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Jmoney is a hofo sho. Hes a fighter he took down some great legends like hoogie fucker and publes porta. An up and coming rapper with a dick like a fucking polor bear.
kristi: Did you see Jmoney in altoona again fight pubeless porta.

brandi: Fuck yea he was fully erect the intire time. His Dick reminded me of a polor bear...

Big Dick Jmoney hoogie fucker pubeless porta herpies beat down raper polar bear
by brandi girl-perv November 07, 2009
A home less persons dance party becase they dont have enough money for shoes. They wear there hole socks get fucked up and try to convince peole ther balls are gum.
Look at those poor hobos haveing there hobo sock hop in the sewer.... lets go pull a j money and give them a old school beat down.

by brandi girl-perv November 07, 2009
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