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The action of doing and talking about drugs, also can be defined as nothing or everything.
Brad: Hey bro, did you get the shmather last night?
Barry: Yea bro, I got the shmather ;)


Brad: Hey wassup shmather
Barry: WTF does that mean?
Brad: Nothing!
by bradandrews4 November 16, 2011
Ciar is a magical seahorse. It is often oddly shaped and irregularly horny. The creature can be a vicious monster if presented in front of a ginger and is likely to attack. When it farts it likes to make its presence aware by telling others however it will often be told to fuck off.
Kid 1:Hey, I just saw a ginger!!! :S
Kid 2:Lets get ciar on him!
by bradandrews4 March 28, 2012
The worlds first elite hacker ranking system.

Submit proof of your website hacks in exchange for Ranking Points that earn you a place on the leaderboard of legends. The bigger the site, the bigger the points.

Then use your points to duel with other hackers and protect your legacy in one on one digital combat.

So have you got what it takes to be the best?
Person1: I just hacked a site!
Person2: submit it to rankmyhack...
Person1: ok, I just got 7500 points!
Person2: Did you use Sqli,xss,rfi or what?
Person1: Sqli but rankmyhack allows all types of hack!
by bradandrews4 November 16, 2011
An extrememly large man breast which can be confused as a boob
George:Hey Greg did you see that mooboob last night it was all up in my face?

Greg: Yea it was jiggling everywhere!!!
by bradandrews4 November 15, 2011

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