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2 definitions by brad the nuke

1) Any action that undoes perfectly good work. 2) Any action that causes rework to have to be performed.
My employee has engaged in countless hours of anti-work. I don't mean he's lazy and doesn't work. He actually does anti-work. Yesterday his anti-work resulted in the loss of 300,000 man-hours of work, that will all have to be redone.
by brad the nuke June 29, 2011
1) The disease that one person brings onboard the submarine that infects the entire crew, rendering the boat virtually useless. 2) The combination of all diseases brought onboard by the crew that makes the super-powerful, incurable, mega-disease that everyone gets.
In other news, a new crewmember onboard U.S.S. Underway, as brought boat crud underway. No word yet on how this will affect its upcoming deployment.
by brad the nuke June 29, 2011